Thursday, June 5, 2014

Whimsy Character Swap

I recently hosted a swap with my In My Vintage Room and Beyond Ladies.
I decided I wanted to do something different and fun, so what I decided on was

My finished Whimsy Character

What was expected was to use stuff you would normally throw out or have laying around
in your stash, to create a Fun Whimsy Character.

Some of  things I started with

 I used to make my Whimsy Character.  A empty green plastic pill bottle, paper ribbon, the plastic pieces from used up tape, left over pieces of a miniature fence, a face made from paper clay, moss, miniature wooden flower pot, sick leaves, paper flowers,  metal wings, a wooden dowel, washi tape, the metal part from a broken light bulb, a Christmas tree ornament hanger and just whatever odds and ends I thought were need to complete my character.

a work in progress

She is a work in progress, I used a Wendy Vecchi Arts Parts wooden flower as a base so she would stand. I decided to use washi tape to cover the green plastic bottle, sealed it with a product called Glue and Seal by Ranger, and glued the white picked fence on.  I punched holes near the top of the bottle and pushed a wooden dowel thru and glued the Tim Holtz Metal Wings on, and glued moss
on the back to cover the dowel.  I used the plastic tape rolls for legs, and the paper clay face for the head.  Once I had the basic body down I just started playing with what I had to embellish it.  That was the fun part, I had to tell myself to stop playing...I think she is finally finished.


Their is even a Pink Flamingo

back wing

did you notice the garden tools

I am not exactly sure what she is, but I've decided to call her my Winged Garden Angel


  1. Your "Winged Garden Angel" is very clever - and adorable! It will be fun to seeing yours, Donna and Maura's at the gathering!

  2. Love her, Doris!! She is so whimsical, and I like how you used up "stuff"