Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day at the Perry's

I usually spend Christmas Day with my best Friend and her family, which honestly I  consider them my family too.  Deb always says go big or go home and believe me she always goes big. Our Christmas dinner was Surf and Turf OMG it was unbelievably good. Anyway I want to share some pictures of another fabulous Christmas with the Perry's.
It's a 12 foot beautifully decorated tree.
 It's bigger than little Ava. And filled with so much candy and treats.        
Not quite the entire gang but heres Jerry and the grandchildren (Morgan, Connor, Mia and Ava) encluding Bella and Tyson the family pets.


My livingroom
Tree in my art room 
As I sit here tonight thinking about the past few days I feel sort of sad that the holiday season is comming to a end, I love spending time with family and friends, the excitement leading up to  Christmas the decorations.  Once there down and put away everything feels so plain... Need to do something about that what to do... What to do....