Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fluffy 2013- 2016

My best friends grand-daughter recently lost her beloved pet Hamster. 
The Hamster's name was Fluffy, she was literally the tamest and most gentle hamster they knew.  

When I started this book Fluffy was alive and I thought it would be cute for Mia (Fluffy's mommy) to have a book she could put Fluffy's pictures in all dressed up in her holiday attire, but unexpectedly Fluffy has passed, so now it's a tribute to Fluffy.  May she RIP.

Materials Used:
Julie Nutting Paper Dolls - Chipboard
Ephemera & Julie Nutting Time to Play Scrapbooking Paper
8 - 6"x6' pieces of medium weight chipboard
2 - 1 1/4"  book rings
Miscellaneous paper flowers, lace, silk ribbon and bling.

Friday, May 20, 2016

More Bracelets

Just some bracelets I made for my nieces


Made with Shambala beading cord, sliver initial beads, charms and a few clay beads.
(Supplies were purchased at Michaels)
A very easy and quick project to make.  I used a jump ring to add the initial, and charms
to the bracelet.

The Street that not suppose to exist....

Just a not so fun fact...
I moved to my new home last July 2015... I went to the Post Office changed my
address like they tell you to.   Since then I wish I could tell you how many time the US Post Office has sent my mail/packages to the wrong address Alfred Dr. instead of East Alfred Dr.  For some reason when a mailing label is being created for my address it says that my street does not exist. 
Well even though there's probably only 12 houses on our street we are here.  I have proof....

Remembering a Legend

I was asked to make a collage for a friend to give his wife for a
anniversary gift...she's a big Prince fan.
He dropped off the newspaper and magazine articles
relating to the life and death of this musician

Frame size is 24" x 36" lots of space to work with..
I cut out all the articles and pictures in the papers and magazines.  First layer down 
was the articles. I then layered pictures of Prince over the articles until I got an arrangement I was pleased with.  I used headlines where possible.  I also mounted some of the pictures on Purple card stock for depth and separation.
I think this entire project took me 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Baby Book

I have to say feeling quite honored.  A friend of mine from Waco, Texas contacted me a couple
nights ago (Monday) to ask a favor.  She wanted to know if there was any way
possible I could make a baby book for her niece.
The catch is I only had 3 days to make it and overnight it
to her.  The baby shower is this Sunday.
I love a challenge, so yes I can do this. 

 Knowing what I have on hand in my Studio I set out to get this project done.
I Used a pad of Paper from Heartfelt Creations called Sweet Lullaby Collection,
a couple sheets of white and a couple sheets of pink 12" x12" card stock,
and 9 pieces of  black "6x6" medium weight chipboard along with some
baby embellishments from Jolee, a small decorative wooden frame,
and some bling I had in my stash, and some flower.
Front Cover of Finished Book
 I dry brushed (painted) the wooden frame white.
 Added  words that I found on the internet and printed to fit the frame.
Then glued on some Flowers I had (random brands).
 I coved the pages with cordinateing papers, added photo mats and some embellishments
 I tried to leave lots of space for different size pictures to be added.
I also added some poems (or words of wisdom) about babies to a couple pages.
 I fussy cut a lot of the images from the pages in the book that were doubles,
mounted on thin cardboard cut to the same shape and layered the images for depth.
 Some of the pages didn't need much, because this paper is so pretty, I really didn't
want to cover the images printed on it.
 Here I added a couple pieces of fencing I had, cut out the pretty doll and added a
teddy bear. 
(The pictures will side down behind the fencing). 
 Another page I didn't want to cover so I left it.  Although I did added some
rhinestone bling to the center of a couple of the flowers.
 I left the one side for a picture or two. On the opposite side I covered
the page I found with a image that I liked, cut it down to the size 4"x6"  and mounted
it on thin piece of cardboard and centered it on the page added a saying and added some
 This paper is so beautiful it really doesn't need much embellishing.
 I added some white silk ribbon and it was done.
At this point I went through the book to make sure I didn't want to add anything else
checked it several times just to make sure I was satisfied with how it looked.
Well I am happy to say that at approximately 2:00pm on Wednesday
I was standing in the FedEx Store watching the book
carefully being packaged so it could begin it's journey
to Waco, Texas...
They guaranteed me it would be in
Sherri's hands tomorrow Thursday at approximately 3pm.

I did it....

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tribute to Moms Tag Swap

This tag was created in memory of my Grandmother who meant the world
to me.  I have so many wonderful memories of her. 
Some of the earliest are of her teaching me to crochet, I was about 4 or 5 at the time. 
First it was a simple chain with a single crochet done in a circle we made hot pads with it.  Then we made granny squares and turned them into a blankets.  And from there we moved on to Barbie Doll clothes.  My Barbie's had the best wardrobe in the neighborhood.
  My grandmother never used a pattern she would look at something very closely and magically
she could copy it. I watched her for hours as she would make us things, sweaters, hats, gloves.
Another one of my grandmothers talents was sewing, she could sew anything...
At the young age of 6 my grandmother bought me my first sewing machine it was a White
(brand name) Sewing Machine she bought it used but it was the best I learned to
sew Barbie doll clothes on it.  She would buy this material for me that had the pattern pieces
printed on it you cut it out and sewed them together.  She used to tell me if I could sew Barbie clothes
I could sew anything and she was right. 
My gram is my inspiration, she is always with me know matter what I do...words of wisdom
meaning if I am creating something and know I've made a mistake fix it, you might
not know I did, but I know I did and it will bug me until I do.


I used 3 of the dresser tags for this project, both Jeanne and Suzie doll stamps.  First I stamped
both dolls with black Stazon Ink onto the lightest paper from the Julie Nutting Buff Paper Pad.
I then stamped the dress onto my patterned paper (not sure of paper name) and cut it out. With
a coordinating marker I colored the inserts of her skirt and her bolero jacket and the hat on Suzie
head. Colored her shoes and belt with a black marker. I fussy cut both dolls out, I carefully cut
Suzie head off at the chin and glued it on Jeanne trimming so her head didn't show. Colored her
hair added some bling and she was done.

For the cabinet I cut slits down the front and across the top and bottom of the doors so they would
open. I cut another tag as a backing and covered it with a print paper for the inside of the cabinet.
I took a 3rd tag and cut the doors and drawers and layered them onto the original tag to give it some depth. I went through my stash of things to fill the cabinet keeping in mind things my grandmother would have.  Glued everything in place and I was done.



Friends of mine lost their beloved fur baby awhile back
and I have been wanting to so something for them.
I've had the pictures for awhile but finally everything came together.

I used 1 sheet of  Authentique Paper from the Devoted Collection
4 black chipboard pieces cut to 4x6" to fit the 2 pictures
and 1 sheet of black card stock, 1 sheet of cream card stock.
Black cut to 4 1/4" x 6 1/4" and cut to Cream to 4 1/2" x 6 1/2"

I layered picture, chipboard, black card stock, chipboard and cream card stock
for both pictures.  Mounted both pictures on the patterned paper.
The embellishments used are Tim Holtz's wooden letters, a laser cut image of  the word
LOVE and some black heart bling along with  some flowers (all from my stash)  originally
purchased at Michael's. I also added a  paper doilie and piece of burlap and a couple buttons.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Black & White Wedding Album

I was asked on Monday to make a Wedding Album
for Saturday.... no pressure here
Not knowing the wedding colors I decided to go with Black and White.
Simple but Elegant.
Started with a The Everlasting Love paper pad some 3-D Embellishments, 10 sheets
of 8x8" chipboard (medium weight), 3 rings, 1 roll 1/2" Score tape, a wooden frame, 
Black and White flowers and black 12x12" card stock. 
This was one of those rare times when everything needed I already had
in my stash, leftovers from previous projects.


Back Cover
I covered the chipboard with the coordinating paper, punched holes for the rings
used as the binding, I then cut 4 1/2" x 6 1/2 photo mats out of black and white
card stock along with 3" x 4" mats  I double matted
most of the frames by decreasing the size of the mat by 1/4".
The photo mats were added to the pages, depending how I was embellishing.
I did end up cutting some of the mats to a smaller 3x3" size to fill in and embellishment.
and one mat cut was 6x6".

The cover was done using a wooded frame painted black, the picture in the center
I got off the Internet and resized to fit the frame, glued picture to frame and both to
the album. I then glued the 2 black and 1 white flower to the album over the black
flowers that were printed on the paper leaving the black leaves and ribbon showing
(there's a picture above of what the black flower looked like).

I am really pleased with the outcome, Simple but Elegant.