Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Baby Book

I have to say feeling quite honored.  A friend of mine from Waco, Texas contacted me a couple
nights ago (Monday) to ask a favor.  She wanted to know if there was any way
possible I could make a baby book for her niece.
The catch is I only had 3 days to make it and overnight it
to her.  The baby shower is this Sunday.
I love a challenge, so yes I can do this. 

 Knowing what I have on hand in my Studio I set out to get this project done.
I Used a pad of Paper from Heartfelt Creations called Sweet Lullaby Collection,
a couple sheets of white and a couple sheets of pink 12" x12" card stock,
and 9 pieces of  black "6x6" medium weight chipboard along with some
baby embellishments from Jolee, a small decorative wooden frame,
and some bling I had in my stash, and some flower.
Front Cover of Finished Book
 I dry brushed (painted) the wooden frame white.
 Added  words that I found on the internet and printed to fit the frame.
Then glued on some Flowers I had (random brands).
 I coved the pages with cordinateing papers, added photo mats and some embellishments
 I tried to leave lots of space for different size pictures to be added.
I also added some poems (or words of wisdom) about babies to a couple pages.
 I fussy cut a lot of the images from the pages in the book that were doubles,
mounted on thin cardboard cut to the same shape and layered the images for depth.
 Some of the pages didn't need much, because this paper is so pretty, I really didn't
want to cover the images printed on it.
 Here I added a couple pieces of fencing I had, cut out the pretty doll and added a
teddy bear. 
(The pictures will side down behind the fencing). 
 Another page I didn't want to cover so I left it.  Although I did added some
rhinestone bling to the center of a couple of the flowers.
 I left the one side for a picture or two. On the opposite side I covered
the page I found with a image that I liked, cut it down to the size 4"x6"  and mounted
it on thin piece of cardboard and centered it on the page added a saying and added some
 This paper is so beautiful it really doesn't need much embellishing.
 I added some white silk ribbon and it was done.
At this point I went through the book to make sure I didn't want to add anything else
checked it several times just to make sure I was satisfied with how it looked.
Well I am happy to say that at approximately 2:00pm on Wednesday
I was standing in the FedEx Store watching the book
carefully being packaged so it could begin it's journey
to Waco, Texas...
They guaranteed me it would be in
Sherri's hands tomorrow Thursday at approximately 3pm.

I did it....

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