Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Artogloy Retreat with Cheryl Mezzetti weekend

 I just wanted to share some about the weekend I spent at Artology Retreat in Mystic Ct. featuring Cheryl Mezzetti and Sara Kristiansen of Sweet Jane Photography.

I can't believe that it's been two weeks already since Laura Casey and I travel to Mystic Ct. to join in the fun of creating with Cheryl in the world of mixed media.  Cheryl is one of the most inspiring artist I have met since I started doing mixed media art.  The first class I took with her was a 2 hr. class on Cape Cod she was teaching in Hyannis, I joked with my friend Sue Black who actually was the one responsible for getting me to go take her class, that we got up at 4am to drive 4hrs to Cape Cod to take a 2 hr. class.  I have to admit thought that is was so worth it, I learned so much from Cheryl about thinking out side the box and to just try it, if it works it works if not try again until you get the effect your are trying to achieve. 

Anyway back to Mystic we spent 3 1/2 days creating, playing, laughing and just having fun.  Cheryl showed us so many different techniques.  We used plaster tape (the stuff casts are made of), plaster for molds, beeswax to seal and preserve berries, flowers and leaves to name a few things.  We took fabric flowers and dipped them in plaster, painted them, coated them with beeswax giving them an  awesome finish. 
Cheryl Mezzetti above picture
 some of the fun product she had available
for us to play with below.

some samples of what we did and Cheryl has done
some of the results we created playing with all Cheryl's stuff.

Girls having Fun

This is my Journal cover, I used plaster tape, plaster to mode flower, beeswax to preserve the leaves, and berries and silk paints to give it color, then I coated the whole cover in beeswax to give it a awesome finish.  I love how it turned out.

Another fun project we did was to dirty up our aprons with
stamps, inks, sprays. Then we each signed each others as a reminder
of the fun weekend we spent together.

This is the very talented Sarah
of Sweet Jane Photography

she talked to us about taking pictures with our camera, how to work with the
settings on them,  how to use the light to our advantage when taking
a picture inside and out. 
 And in this would of digital photography
just keep snapping away until you get the picture you want and delete what you don't.
She makes it sound so
                Laura Photo Shoot

I have to say even thought I hate
having my picture taken I do like this one
thanks Sarah.
Sarah took professional photo's of all of us at the Retreat
is was a surprise bonus for us.

Site Seeing
Laura and I decided to spend some time exploring Mystic
one of the things we did was go to Mystic Pizza for Lunch
OMG the Pizza was the best seriously...

Just a couple sites of the day

Ok, so these are only a couple pictures Laura took of the trip, she took Jane literally
 and took over 300 pictures this no kidding.
Laura thanks for sharing your pictures with did a awesome
job at capturing the trip.