Monday, August 12, 2013

The BBQ Art Gathering

Maura Sample Fairy Luminary
This past Friday night, the group I monitor, In My Vintage Room and Beyond ( held a Art Gathering hosted by Maura and Lori. The theme of the gathering for the food was a BBQ which was awesome (thank you Lori) and the project a Fairy Luminary. Maura and Lori did a great job coming up with all kinds of supplies for us to create our project. They supplied rocks, stones, straw, moss, twigs, jars, tea lights, marbles, shells, collage sheets with fairies and so much more that I just can't remember everything that was there.

Maura and Lori knowing how much I love Halloween found a collage sheet with Witches, cats, cauldrons brooms just everything Halloween, they even found this little orange ceramic cat sitting on a pumpkin for me. I was in my glory. So of course it took me a couple minutes to gather a few things to start creating my Witches Luminary. I used stones for the base, glued some moss to the glass for a back ground glued some little plastic glittery beads to the top of the cauldron along with some glitter to make it look like it was bubbling and even made a spell book for my Witch. Once I had this all assembled I decided she need a broom so with another twig and some raffia I made her a broom and wired it to the outside of the jar then tired some ribbons on, that were hand dyed by Maura (shades of orange, green and purples)knowing I would do a Halloween theme. And Laura had a Tim Holtz trinket with the points of the compass on it that just completed the evenings project. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my WITCHES GARDEN.

My Witches Luminary

Check out all the details

Check out the bubbling cauldron

and the not so scary, scary pumpkin

I want to once again say thank you to Lori and Maura for hosting this fun art gathering. And for all the special attention to details. It just made the evening.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wendy Vecchi Mixed Media Adventure

Studio 490 Stencils
The beginning of August I went to Ink About It in Westford Ma. ( to take a class with Wendy Vecchi. I have to admit I really wasn't sure who she was or what she did when I signed up for the class, but a friend of mine wanted to go so I said I would go too.

Studio 490 Stamps
To my surprise Wendy Vecchi in addition to designing art stamps and Art Parts, is Ranger's Senior Educator. She says it's the perfect job for her since she loves their products (I know that feeling!). Wendy travels around the country and teaches stamping and altered art classes. Her signature line of rubber stamps is called Studio 490 and she also designs a line of heavy chipboard parts called Art Parts, which are quite simply... PARTS to MAKE ART! Another product of Wendy's is these cute decorative pieces call Blossom Buckets. (

...........Art Parts .................................. Embossing Paste .................................. Archival Inks

Using all of these products plus more from her line we created a Journal

Back and Front cover (all made from Studio 490 Art Parts)

The only other products used to put this together was Tim Holt's scissors and wet glue. 

Wendy Vecchi's Finished Journal

Sue Black, Wendy Vecchi and Me with her new Archival Inks.

I have to say this 8hr class went so fast, and that Wendy is a fabulous instructor, if you get a chance to take a class with her do it, it is so worth it. I know that I am looking forward to spending the day with her again at some point in the future.