Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Fun

I've had this little box sitting around for awhile so I decided to do something
fun and different and with it.


Materials Used:
Sizzix - Eileen Hull Box, Square Die
Sizzix Sizzles Mat Board
Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine
1 Sheet of American Crafts Paper (Beach theme)
Julie Nutting Collette Doll Stamp
Julie Nutting Buff Paper Pad
Graphic 45- BY THE SEA Paper Pad (8"x8")
Black Stazon Ink
Battery Operated Tea Light (Dollar Store)


Using the Big Shot I die cut the box from the mat board, and assembled according to the directions
on the packaging.  I then cut 1 strip of  my Beach Paper to 12" x  3"  horizontally. With the remaining 12" x 9" peace I cut 1 strip vertically centering the part of the design I wanted to use on the paper.  I then cut the vertical strip into 3 - 3"x3" squares. Next I glued the squares onto the 3 sides and cut the 1 strip horizontally 3" x 9 1/2" and glued to the back.  From the remaining scrap of papers
cut two more 3" x 3" squares for the top and bottom of the box, and one strip 3" X 4 1/2" for the inside cover glue into place.  From the scraps of the extra mat board cut a 3" x 3 1/3" strip and score one end at 1/2".  Cut a hole in the center of the square to fit the candle bulb. Glue the 1/2" strip to the front of the box opening so it opens from back to front. Put candle in place and set box aside.

Nest I stamped the Collette doll onto a flesh tone paper from the Buff  Paper Collection, but before cutting her out I glued her to a thin piece of cardboard this gives her stability.  I then cut her dress and hair bow from the G45 papers and glued to the body.  I stamped her hair on a golden colored paper from the Buff  Paper Collection and fussy cut, and glued into place. Set aside.

To make the Sand go to Ranger Ink Website and look for Tim Holtz Faux Sand Recipe.  It's made with Rangers Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel, Ranger Distress Black and Antique Linen Embossing Powders, Distress Gold Glitter and Glossy Accents.

Using a popsicle stick trim 3 sides of the box and the top with the faux sand mixture. (See picture above for placement).  Glue on the doll and shells and any other trinkets with the glossy accents. Let dry overnight.

I hope you enjoyed this project.
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Friday, June 24, 2016

Guest Designer for Eileen Hull

I cannot express how badly I feel about this ...
I received a nasty test message from a women tonight accusing me of stealing her friends design for the Captured Fairy Jar and blocked me from responding to her message.  I want to try and set the record straight .... I did not copy her design, having seen it now I will agree it is very similar in design and I will add her link to my project for that reason.   I didn't realize only one person can have a original idea and anyone else making something similar was stealing.   My deepest apologies if this has created any problems for Eileen Hull Designs.

I am so excited about this and
really honored that Eileen Hull of Eileen Hull Designs
has asked me to be her
Guest Designer this week.

Before we get started I would like to introduce myself, My name is Doris Santore (Aunt Doe)
I currently live in Albany, New York.  Some of my favorite things to enjoy are sewing, crocheting, reading, traveling and creating beautiful things for my family and friends. 
I have my grandmother and my Aunt Ann to thank for my love of crafting they were both
very talented ladies that taught me the love of creating from the heart.
I love being able to make things and sharing with others and right now I would like to share with you

The project I have decided to share with you is my version of a Captured Fairy Jar…. the designer of the original jar is Nichola Battilana. Here’s the link to her Fairy Jar which may be seen at Pixie Hill!

Supplies Needed:

Glue Rangers Inkssentials Glue n’ Seal (for applying tissue and glitter to the jar)

Beacons 3-IN-1 (for gluing flowers to jar)

Twinklets Diamond Dust

Sizzix Dies by Eileen Hull 

       Flower – Romance

       Flower – Heart & Soul

       Leaves -  Spring

Die Cutting Machine

Tissue Paper

Battery operated Tea Light

Quart Jar

Foam Brush or 1” soft paint brush

Note: you can also use watered down Elmer’s Glue or any brand of white glue you have as long as it dries clear.

Getting Started:

With any brand of black paint, paint your fairies and set aside to dry.

The Fairies I am using are from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts .  They come in small, medium and large and are precision cut from .030 chip board. I used the large size Fairies for this project. 
Note: They can be cut from black card stock or vinyl if you have the a Cricut or the Silhouette Cutting  Machines.

Measure the height and circumference of the jar you are using.

Fold Tissue Paper and cut to size … my jar measured 6” x 13” you will want to add approximately ¼” overlap in the back, so cut size would be 6" x 13 1/4". 

Note:  It is easier to work with the tissue paper cut to approximate size of the jar.  


Once you have your tissue paper cut you can then take your glue and start applying it to the jar one section at a time.  Carefully line the paper up with the top and bottom of the jar and lightly press it to the jar being careful not to rip the tissue paper. Continue this step around the jar.  Apply the glue to under and top sides of the overlap on the back side of jar.  Gently hug the top of the jar to make sure all tissue paper is glued down and also do this on the bottom.  Add more glue if needed. Turn jar upside down and set aside to dry.  
Note: the tissue paper will rip easily so be gentle when doing this step of the project.

Once the glue is dry you can apply a light coat of glue then sprinkle with glitter where you would like it to sparkle.  I added a light coat all over the jar so it has lots of sparkle.

Sizzix Dies / Eileen Hull’s Flower Collection

       Flower – Romance

       Flower – Heart & Soul

       Leaves -  Spring

I used light and dark pink tissue paper to make the big pink flower a button for center and pipe cleaner for the stem which I left long and curled.

Coffee Filters were used to make the white flower, pink button for center and pipe cleaner for the stem which I left long and curled.

Card Stock and pink tissue paper was used for the center pink flower with a gem brad holding it together.

The last two flowers are made from decorative cupcake liners and tissue paper I layered them to get the look I wanted and used a gem brad to hold them together.

Now it’s time to decorate the jar.  Using Eileen Hull’s newest dies from The Flower Collection by Sizzix and are available for purchased thru Sizzix’s website  Click on Menu and choose Designer Eileen Hull for these and more of her dies.

I made several flowers using coffee filters, tissue paper, card stock and even paper cupcake holders, I mixed all these different papers together and layered them until I got the look I was after.

For more information and directions on making Eileen’s beautiful flowers please go to Eileen Hull Paper Flower Tutorials at
She explains how to go about making these flowers and all the different materials you can use to make you own beautiful flowers in her SIZZIX PAPER FLOWER ONLINE PARTY.

Once your jar is dry and your flowers are made, it’s time to start embellishing. Choose the fairy or fairies you want to capture, place a few drops of glue on the painted side of the fairy and place in jar and hold against the glass so it adheres. You can add moss to the bottom of the jar at this point and then add your light source.  I glued some twine around the neck of the jar to hide the top of the tissue paper, glue flowers to the outside of your jar along with some leaves. I also added Washi Tape to the cover of the jar.  I decided to add a third Fairy on the lid and glued both her and a flower to the lid.  The amount of embellishments you used is up to you.

My completed Captured Fairy Jar:

I did notice that the Washi tape started lifting at the top edge of the lid
so I went back and coated it with a white glue to seal the edges.

When placing your flowers be sure not to hide the image of the
fairies.  Place your light source in the jar first to help illuminate them.

I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed making it and bringing it to you.  A special thank you to Eileen Hull for having me as her Guest Designer this week.  Please visit Eileen’s Blog for more ideas on how to make and use her beautiful flower dies. And don’t forget to turn into her weekly live chat of the Sizzix Paper Flower Party Tuesday nights  6-6:45.                                                                                           

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fluffy 2013- 2016

My best friends grand-daughter recently lost her beloved pet Hamster. 
The Hamster's name was Fluffy, she was literally the tamest and most gentle hamster they knew.  

When I started this book Fluffy was alive and I thought it would be cute for Mia (Fluffy's mommy) to have a book she could put Fluffy's pictures in all dressed up in her holiday attire, but unexpectedly Fluffy has passed, so now it's a tribute to Fluffy.  May she RIP.

Materials Used:
Julie Nutting Paper Dolls - Chipboard
Ephemera & Julie Nutting Time to Play Scrapbooking Paper
8 - 6"x6' pieces of medium weight chipboard
2 - 1 1/4"  book rings
Miscellaneous paper flowers, lace, silk ribbon and bling.

Friday, May 20, 2016

More Bracelets

Just some bracelets I made for my nieces


Made with Shambala beading cord, sliver initial beads, charms and a few clay beads.
(Supplies were purchased at Michaels)
A very easy and quick project to make.  I used a jump ring to add the initial, and charms
to the bracelet.

The Street that not suppose to exist....

Just a not so fun fact...
I moved to my new home last July 2015... I went to the Post Office changed my
address like they tell you to.   Since then I wish I could tell you how many time the US Post Office has sent my mail/packages to the wrong address Alfred Dr. instead of East Alfred Dr.  For some reason when a mailing label is being created for my address it says that my street does not exist. 
Well even though there's probably only 12 houses on our street we are here.  I have proof....

Remembering a Legend

I was asked to make a collage for a friend to give his wife for a
anniversary gift...she's a big Prince fan.
He dropped off the newspaper and magazine articles
relating to the life and death of this musician

Frame size is 24" x 36" lots of space to work with..
I cut out all the articles and pictures in the papers and magazines.  First layer down 
was the articles. I then layered pictures of Prince over the articles until I got an arrangement I was pleased with.  I used headlines where possible.  I also mounted some of the pictures on Purple card stock for depth and separation.
I think this entire project took me 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Baby Book

I have to say feeling quite honored.  A friend of mine from Waco, Texas contacted me a couple
nights ago (Monday) to ask a favor.  She wanted to know if there was any way
possible I could make a baby book for her niece.
The catch is I only had 3 days to make it and overnight it
to her.  The baby shower is this Sunday.
I love a challenge, so yes I can do this. 

 Knowing what I have on hand in my Studio I set out to get this project done.
I Used a pad of Paper from Heartfelt Creations called Sweet Lullaby Collection,
a couple sheets of white and a couple sheets of pink 12" x12" card stock,
and 9 pieces of  black "6x6" medium weight chipboard along with some
baby embellishments from Jolee, a small decorative wooden frame,
and some bling I had in my stash, and some flower.
Front Cover of Finished Book
 I dry brushed (painted) the wooden frame white.
 Added  words that I found on the internet and printed to fit the frame.
Then glued on some Flowers I had (random brands).
 I coved the pages with cordinateing papers, added photo mats and some embellishments
 I tried to leave lots of space for different size pictures to be added.
I also added some poems (or words of wisdom) about babies to a couple pages.
 I fussy cut a lot of the images from the pages in the book that were doubles,
mounted on thin cardboard cut to the same shape and layered the images for depth.
 Some of the pages didn't need much, because this paper is so pretty, I really didn't
want to cover the images printed on it.
 Here I added a couple pieces of fencing I had, cut out the pretty doll and added a
teddy bear. 
(The pictures will side down behind the fencing). 
 Another page I didn't want to cover so I left it.  Although I did added some
rhinestone bling to the center of a couple of the flowers.
 I left the one side for a picture or two. On the opposite side I covered
the page I found with a image that I liked, cut it down to the size 4"x6"  and mounted
it on thin piece of cardboard and centered it on the page added a saying and added some
 This paper is so beautiful it really doesn't need much embellishing.
 I added some white silk ribbon and it was done.
At this point I went through the book to make sure I didn't want to add anything else
checked it several times just to make sure I was satisfied with how it looked.
Well I am happy to say that at approximately 2:00pm on Wednesday
I was standing in the FedEx Store watching the book
carefully being packaged so it could begin it's journey
to Waco, Texas...
They guaranteed me it would be in
Sherri's hands tomorrow Thursday at approximately 3pm.

I did it....