Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Christmas Configuration Box

I took another class at my favorite scrapbooking store CAPTURED MOMENTS a couple weekends ago, it  took me approximately 8 hrs to complete my project over the span of   two days. I have to say this was another project I really enjoyed doing.

I started with the Tim Holtz small configuration box, there are 9 boxes that fit into the main box, I used six of the small boxes in my design. 

Next comes the task of covering the boxes with papers, I chose to use sheet music that had Christmas songs on the outside of the box (how appropriate)  and  Vintage Christmas papers on the inside.  
This is what my configuration boxes looked like, once I finished covering them with papers but before I started decorating the little boxes.

The next picture is a collection of some of the things I choose to use in decorating the boxes.  I decided to go with a Old World Christmas look.

Now comes the fun of decorating.

Once you get everything glued in place where you want it, you then put the cover on and can finish the outside of the decorating the outside.

I choose to put a simple gold cording around the closure of the box, I then mod podge the out side of the box to seal it and glued a set of Tim Holtz decortive legs on it.  I still have to put a decorative knob on it and want to do some little decorative work on the top, but haven't done that yet.  I will have to pull out my Christmas trinkets to see what I have so it will be finished.  I will post a picture onceI have  that done.

Shhhh .... Don't tell anyone but I think I heard Tiffany say there might be a HalloweenConfiguration Box in the works for the fall.....

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