Saturday, May 25, 2013

Copic Certification

Part 2

The beginning of  May I went back to the Boston area for  the
2013 Color and Ink Workshop with Copic Markers. 

 Day one we played with Copic Ink refills and markers, learning many different techniques  such as painting, coloring and airbrushing.  I used stencils and stamps on metals, canvas and porous tiles, along with  several types of papers learning how the ink  takes to the different surfaces.

Metal and plastic (shrinky dink) pushing ink with air
Air Brushing
Coloring on Canvas

 Day two was a full day of coloring. I learned how to blend and color various ethnic skin tones. I also learned  how to use shading and different brush strokes to get different effects for the
various hair styles.

Some skin tones and hair color and styles are harder to do than other, but lots of practice will make it
easier as you can see by my coloring I will be doing lots of practicing.
Part 1

In March I traveled to Boston, Mass with two friends (Laura and Annette) to get Standard and Intermediate Certification with Copic Markers.

 What this simply means is that we can now teach others the theory behind the product knowledge and blending techniques of coloring with these high quality alcohol-based ink markers.  

 Although, I now possess this knowledge to properly color with these markers, I still need to practice, practice, practice The first time I used these markers, I was told when purchasing Copic’s if I purchased 3 markers in each of the color families that would be all you needed.  But while taking the certification classes I soon learned that this isn’t exactly true.  Yes the 3 color family is a good rule, but you also need warm and cool colors for blending and shading.  So do you need all 358 colors that the Copic’s come in, my answer is yes of course I do......   

I have decided to go back to Boston in May to take a two day advanced workshop to expand my knowledge of what I learned in the standard and intermediate classes.


  1. I can't wait until you start teaching us all this awesomeness!

  2. Very interesting. You already have exciting results.