Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Car and deer don't mix...

Last week (Nov. 5th) some of my friends already know that regrettably but thankfully in the 9 years
I have lived in Voorheesville, NY I hit my first deer, and hopefully my last.
 Fortunately  I was not hurt, my car is fixable and the deer is still alive,
 minus a patch of fur from his hind quarter.
The owner of the repair shop, that will be fixing my car, told me that there were four
 other car/deer accidents the same night in approximately the same area. He told me I was
his 4th call that morning to get a damage estimate.
Sadly from the looks of one of the other cars, I don't think the deer made it.
Joking with the owner of the repair shop, I told him I thought since there are deer crossing
signs up all around the Voorheesville area,  the deer should be considerate and learn to cross at the crossing signs....hey people have crosswalks to cross in why not deer.....just saying...lol

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  1. At least the car and driver all made it through in one piece. Does your insurance cover accidents involving animals? This looks like a minor fix-up for the hood and the front of the car, certainly not as expensive as other repairs.
    Taleen Kizirian@ JimAndJacks.com