Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coco's Christmas Wish

  I thought I would share a cute story with everyone.     Pictured to the right is my beautiful great niece Kaila and her puppy (baby) Coco.  My sister Joanna, and my niece Melissa (Kaila's mom) put Kaila up to helping Coco write a letter to Santa Clause telling him what she (Coco) wanted for Christmas. Keep in mind this was done as joke. Kaila showed me the letter Coco had her write because as we all know dogs can't write, but I guess they can talk...lol...all knowing that once I saw this letter I would get Coco something from her list.  Well Coco asked Santa for clothes, boots, and a coat. OK no problem Aunt Doe can do.  But then on her list is what she really wants A PINK PALACE DOG HOUSE and she knows it's expensive but this is really all she wants and she really doesn't need anything else if he brings her this.  Coco also goes on to say that her mommy has been saving for the house so if she got money for Christmas she would give it to mommy for her house. Coco being a very polite puppy thanked Santa for anything he brings her and wished him a Very Merry Christmas and told him she would leave cookies and milk out for him, and signed it with her paw print.

                           Pink Palace Dog House

Coco writing her letter to Santa

Well Aunt Doe (me) knowing that Kaila doesn't really ask for much (and not knowing this was done as a joke) and would go with out any Christmas presents for herself to get Coco this house does some searching on the Internet to find this house.  Success I found it on ebay for less than half of what the local pet store wanted for it and it was free shipping.  So Coco got her PINK PALACE DOG HOUSE.  To the right is Coco on her present waiting for help to open it.   I have to say honestly to see Kaila smile was worth any amout of money, because it was a suprise to her. 

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